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Before I Forget in Italy this November

Before I Forget goes to Italy this November

We are happy to be invited to Game Happens to show the Before I Forget demo. Game Happens is an international festival dedicated to the cultural, political and social impact of video games.

The 2019 theme is Elements of Change.

Follow @game_happens for more news on the event.

Before I Forget game
Screenshot from Before I Forget

The exhibition of games is free, so go along, if you’re in Genova. Let us know what you think using the #elementsofchange and #BeforeIForgetgame

Before I Forget game
Before I Forget

Very early gameplay video of Before I Forget


We’re currently working on the interior and how best to tell the story of Sunita and her struggle with dementia. The game starts in grey scale and colour is introduced as the player unlocks memories.

This is an early gameplay video showing the basic elements in action – colour spread, the thoughts and audio, plus we have lights and a newly rendered front door. It’s the little things that make us happy.