Bring your story to ‘Windrush Tales’

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SUNDAY 20 AUGUST 2023, 1.00PM – 3.30PM GMT

Are you someone who migrated to Britain during the Windrush period (late 1940s to early 1970s) or are you related to someone who did? 

We would like to hear your stories to help us develop a video game focused on the experiences of people from the Windrush generation. We will also be showing our current demo of our game ‘Windrush Tales’ and asking for your feedback on the story portrayed within the game. All participants will be paid £50 for their time. Sign-up details below.

About the Windrush Tales

Windrush Tales is the world’s first video game based on the lived experiences of Caribbean immigrants invited to rebuild post-World War II Britain. 

Told via two playable characters, this illustrated branching narrative game explores the hopes of a generation seeking to make a new life in a land of hostility.

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About Us

This online workshop will be organised by the 3-Fold Presents team, Chella Ramanan, Corey Brotherson and Claire Morwood, in collaboration with Jennifer Allsopp, from the University of Birmingham. Together, the group have extensive first-hand experience of British Caribbean heritage, award-winning video game design and community research. 

Chella Ramanan, Creative DirectorCorey Brotherson, WriterClaire Morwood, Game Design ConstultantJennifer Allsopp, University of Birmingham

Conditions of participation

  • You’ll be expected to attend the full 2-and-a-half-hour workshop (with a 10-minute break) and have your camera on. 
  • Your participation in the workshop does not require you to disclose your name or personal details about yourself or your family.
  • Everything that you share within the context of the course will be assumed to be confidential. 
  • You can, however, choose to share information on the record for possible incorporation into the game, if you wish. 
  • You will be paid £50 for your participation in the workshop and invited to a follow-up in-person workshop later in 2023 for which you will receive a further £50. Travel expenses for the in-person workshop will also be covered. 

Sign-up details

Places are limited to 10 participants. To apply, please send a statement of interest explaining why you are interested to participate, to Jennifer Allsopp at by Wednesday 16th August.
You can also make enquiries to Jennifer Allsopp on Whatsapp at +1 617 301 0377.

Further information about the workshop, including the Zoom link, will be shared once you receive confirmation of your participation. 

If you would like to participate but is put off by the online aspect, we would be happy to arrange a ‘buddy’ to help you with the tech or alternatively arrange a phone call to give you the chance to share any thoughts. You are also welcome to send us a letter or email. Contact Jennifer for more information on how.

We recognize the hugely valuable range of work that has already been done to collate Windrush stories and campaign. If you have been part of these efforts and would like to share your experience, please also let us know.

While we are drawing on the invaluable work that has come before us, the original aspect of this workshop it will give you the chance to feed into a video game that will help educate future generations.