Windrush Tales is an illustrated text-based narrative game from 3-Fold Games, the team behind Before I Forget. The world’s first game based on the Windrush generation. Reflecting the real world arrival of Caribbean immigrants who were invited to rebuild post-war Britain between 1948 and 1970. The game examines the hope the Windrush generation brought and the hostility they faced, as they left their home to make a new life in the ‘Motherland’. Players explore the stories of two characters through an interactive photo album and branching narrative, allowing their choices within the game to lead them to one of many endings.


Co-founded by Chella Ramanan and Claire Morwood, 3-Fold Games is a micro studio, focused on challenging what games can be and the types of stories they can tell. Their debut game Before I Forget was released in summer 2020 and received BAFTA and Games For Change nominations in 2021 and a metacritic score of 88. The game was later released on Switch and Xbox. Windrush Tales is the second game from 3-Fold Games. Windrush Tales is being supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and developed with the support of OKRE.


  • The world’s first game based on the Windrush generation.
  • Majority Black British Caribbean team exploring a largely unknown part of British history.
  • Massive crossover appeal to lapsed/non-gamers/educational audiences due to accessible format and subject matter.


There are currently no trailers available for Windrush Tales. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


Selected Articles

  • It is the only Windrush game and is the only game that centres on the Black British Caribbean experience. Hopefully, the first of many.
    Chella Ramanan, interviewed by Marie Dealessandri,
  • [an] investigation of Britain from the outside in.
    Edwin Evans-Thirlwell, The Guardian

About 3-Fold Games

3-Fold Games are a micro game studio of two women (Chella Ramanan and Claire Morwood), who met at the XX+ Games Jam in Bristol, UK in 2016. At the Jam they won Audience Choice Award for Before I Forget, motivating them to push on with development. They have since exhibited the game in the UK and internationally and are now collaborating with sound designers and artists to complete development of their first game, Before I Forget, a narrative exploration about a woman with dementia.
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Windrush Tales Credits

Chella Ramanan
Corey Brotherson
Claire Morwood
Creative Collaborator
Naima Ramanan
Chase Bethea
Destina Connor,Tea-Powered Games